Posted by: billconan | October 11, 2006

blogger backup 备份blogger全站的工具

it seems that the censorship on, which used to be strict, is kinda relax recently. i can log on to that site now without any extra effort, no proxy, no tor. and today there are lots of people talk about this, they are afraid this is only temporary. so i thought of, how, if they banned again? i need a tool to download all the entries of my blog and save to a file as a backup. you know, sometimes, it is hard to be chinese.
i actually did this by modifying the sample code enclosed in the google api pack. for some reason, probably the poor network, the app doesn’t work sometimes, so, just try more times.

1.specify the login name and password. “GO” button and wait.
3.all the blogs under this name will be available in the choose control, just choose the one you want.
4.wait for a while, and all the entries show up in the tree view. click “save” button to export to a html file.

最近好像wikipedia.org要解禁了,我已经可以不用代理访问到英文的维基百科。网上最近关于这个事情的讨论挺多的,有人担心是临时现象,空欢喜一场。我于是想到万一哪天blogspot.com再次冷不丁被封该怎么办。于是我觉得应该有个能备份整个站点的程序。我这个程序实际上就是从google api里面附带的例子改的,但是有些时候运行不成功,要多试几次。现在只能抓html的代码,看看哪天有时间做一个能把图片也都抓下来的。


this is how a buckup file looks in firefox:

click here to download

one more thing is, blogger backup is writen with c#, so .net framework 2.0 is necessary to run the app.
c#写的,要.net 2.0才能运行



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